SBI PO 2020 Daily Practice Question Day-2(Target) Quantitative aptitude

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SBI PO 2020 examination is dream for the most of the candidates. This year notification is already deal due to corona virus but now we have to ready for this examination because as you all know notification of SBI SO already published by SBI so it is clear indication notification of sbi po also declared very soon. If you are Aspirant of banking keep visiting our website in daily basis. You will find all the update regarding any examination but for the banking aspirant we have started a target program for Quantitative aptitude and Reasoning section for the practice which is called target so every one who wants to become banker can practice from our website. This is the day-2

Direction: Study the table in 4 different classes and percentage of students participating in Dance and Play in 4 different classes

Total number of students in 4 different classes and percentage of students participated in Dance and Play in 4 different classes

ClassTotal number of studentsPercentage of students participate in dancePercentage of students participate in play

What is the ratio of students participating in Dance from Classes VII and IX together to the students participating in Play from classes VI and VIII together ?

(A) 43 : 53 (B) 65:51 (C) 44 : 57 (D) None of these (E) 62 : 77

2) What is the average number of students in Play from all the classes?

(A) 130 (B)260 (C) 278 (D) None of these (E)120

3) Students who are participating in dance from class VII are what per cent more than students who are participating in play from class IX ?

(A) 12 % (B) 14 % (C) 33 % (D) 66 %. (E) 60%

4) What is the sum of students who do not participate in dance and play from class VI and IX together?

(A) 720 (B) 480 (C) 520 (D) 820 (E) None of these

5) If 20% of students who participate in dance from class VI also participate in play then find the ratio of students from class VI who participated only in Dance to students who participated only in play?

(A)25:16 (B) 16:25 (C) 19:20 (D)20:19 (E)12:5

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In the following questions number I and II are given. you have to solve the Question

Given answer (A) a<b (B) a>b (c) a≤b D) a≥b E) a=b or relation can’t be established

6) a²-5a+6=0 3b²+3b-18=0

7) a²-11 a+30=0 b²-b-20=0

8) 2a²+2a-4=0 b²-5b+4=0

9) a²+6a-16=0 b²-6b+5=0

10) a²-4=0 b²-9b+20=0

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What approximate value will come in place of questions ? (mark)

11) √80.89 – √25.20 × √120.70 + √16.05= ?

A) 50 B) 60 C) 75 D) 70 E) 55

12) 55.01-345.20 ÷ 22.90 = 2 × ?

A) 20 B) 25 C) 22 D)15 E) 18

A) 7 B)8 C)6 D)9 E)5

14) (111.87×5)÷ 14.20=11.02 +?

A) 34 B) 19 C)39 D)28 E)29

15) (184.02- 29/5) × 29.89 =?

A) 4950 B) 4820 C) 5520 D)5340 E)5260

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